IT MIGHT be time for council road contractors to go back to school.

A team who painted new road markings outside Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) in Chalky Road for the start of the new term made an unfortunate error... spelling school "SHCOOL".

The blunder was spotted by parents and children this morning as the new Year 7s and Year 11s arrived for the first day of term.

One person who saw the incorrect spelling said: “Hopefully the person who wrote the sign did not graduate from PACA, as that would be so embarrassing as he would need to attend some evening classes.

“I think he should get an F grade and some extra homework.”

Brighton and Hove City Councillor Peter Atkinson, who represents the North Portslade ward, also saw the error. He said: “They obviously didn’t have a spell checker with them.”

The council was quick to rectify the embarrassing mistake.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately our contractor carrying out our resurfacing work on Chalky Road outside PACA originally misspelt the word ‘school’.

“This has now been put right at no cost to the council.”

Students from all year groups return from their summer holidays on Monday.

Public spelling mistakes are nothing new.

In 2018, Lloyds Bank came under fire for its sign outside its Kemp Town branch which had the address as "Kempston".

Some years before that, Highways Agency workers misspelt the famous opera venue Glyndebourne as Glynbourne on three signs along the A27.

And a giant sign welcoming people to Brighton's North Laine Conversation Area instead of conservation area was quite popular among residents, but was eventually removed.