A hard-hitting documentary by a former pilot who has accused the airline industry of allowing passengers to breathe toxic fumes will be premiered this week.

Tristan Loraine, 45, of Coltstaple Lane, Horsham, began filming Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines after being forced to quit his job because he had developed ill-health associated with fumes.

The Michael Moore-style film is an expose of a situation he says is being covered up by the authorities.

It will be shown at the Rich Mix Cinema in London on Sunday, March 9, and negotiations are underway for a screening at the Duke of York Picturehouse in Brighton.

Mr Loraine, who has discussed the issue on BBC's Inside Out television show, said oil from aeroplane engines was being allowed to contaminate the cabin air circulation.

He suffered nerve damage in his fingers and feet as well as memory loss while working as a pilot. Twelve different doctors said the symptoms were a result of being exposed to poisonous chemicals in planes.

Ill health forced him to leave his work with a major British airline last year and he set up his production company, Fact Not Fiction Films, to make the documentary.

The 93minute film follows him as he travels around the world to interview scientists, politicians and crew members and claims to uncover 30-year-old secrets from an industry which knowingly puts the health of passengers and crew at risk.

Mr Loraine said: "I made this film so the world could know whatís going on. It's been hushed up and less than four per cent of these events are reported by crew members because of commercial pressure. If they did, the plane would have to be grounded."