A HORSE “up to its neck in water” has been hoisted to safety after falling in a ditch.

The horse, named Bailey, got stuck on Tuesday morning in the field but was unharmed after the prolonged dip.

The incident happened in Pound Lane, Upper Beeding, near Steyning.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (WSFRS) used its specialist animal rescue team, along with the owners, to dig a bank and secure a harness to Bailey.

A spokeswoman for WSFRS said: “Yesterday at 11.28am we responded to a large animal rescue in Pound Lane, Upper Beeding.

“We sent the service’s technical rescue unit to the scene.

The Argus: Bailey the horse after his rescueBailey the horse after his rescue (Image: Eddie Mitchell)

“Upon arrival the horse was stuck in a ditch up to its neck in water. He had been stuck for a little while and was unable to get himself out.

“With assistance from the owners a bank was created using a digger to assist with the rescue. 

“We used stropping techniques to create a harness to assist the horse and used a winch to lift him out of the water. The horse got back on its feet and was checked over by a vet at the scene.

“In this situation we would always recommend calling the fire service as we have specialised teams available 24/7 who are trained in animal rescues. It can be tempting to enter the water yourself and attempt a rescue, but this creates an additional water safety risk.”