FAMOUS faces across Sussex have been paying tribute to the Queen following her death on Thursday, September 8.

Celebrities from across the area have been paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth as they join the country in mourning the late monarch.

While some left flowers and spoke of their grief, others took to social media to share thoughts, feelings and memories of the Queen.

One such person was Piers Morgan, who described the queen as “Dignified, humble, wise, stoic, and dedicated to duty & service to the country she loved”, as well as the “greatest monarch in history and the greatest of Britons”.

The talk show host, who spends time at his holiday home in Newick in East Sussex, also said on television that "when Her Majesty the Queen died this afternoon in Balmoral, a little piece of us all died with her”.

Another celebrity to share their feelings on the death of Queen Elizabeth was former middleweight and super-middleweight boxing champion Chris Eubank.

Eubank, who has lived in Brighton for many years, also took to twitter to share his feelings, as he said: “Queen Elizabeth II has been my perfect role model, and I will continue to Love her even after death.”

Having spent much of his youth in Jamaica, Eubank also spoke of the idolisation of the Queen by members of the Windrush generation who came “to rebuild this Great Nation from the decimation of the Nazi invasion on our Great London and other parts of Great Britain”.

The former boxer also said that his participation in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations were the greatest day of his life.

The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey also spoke highly of the Queen in a statement on the band’s website, calling her “A ray of light in a sometimes very dark world”.

Daltrey, who owns a farm in Holmshurst Manor in Burwash, said: “My generation was lucky to have her in our lives as someone who brought us all closer together and bridged divides.”

Like many, the singer also expressed the feelings of the nation, adding that “she will be truly missed”.