AN animal rights group has issued a statement after its posters were spotted plastered on to boards depicting tributes to the Queen.

The posters were seen on the digital boards at Brighton Station at the end of last week, which at the time  showed photos of the Queen following her death on Thursday. 

Animal Rebellion said it did not stick the posters up after Her Majesty died and that they had been up for weeks.

The digital screens ordinarily display a range of advertisements but had been temporarily showing the tribute to the Queen. 

The Argus: Digital display board at Brighton station.Digital display board at Brighton station. (Image: Argus reader)

A spokesman for Animal Rebellion said: “Animal Rebellion would like to take this chance to say that posters have been visible around Brighton city centre for weeks. 

“It may be that as Animal Rebellion's branding and name is more recognisable due to a recent national media surge, that individuals are noticing them on digital display boards. 

“Digital display boards which, of course, would have displayed other content before the passing of Queen Elizabeth II."

The group announced last week that it would be pausing its campaigns in the wake of the Queen’s death. 

In a statement released online it said: “Due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Animal Rebellion has taken the decision to temporarily pause actions, but to continue its dialogue with farmers, in its peaceful struggle for a better world.”