Silver-tongued radio DJ Mike Read has turned Disc-Choccie - creating a £5,500 picture of Brighton's West Pier out of sweets.

The former BBC Radio 1 star is showcasing his art in Brighton, working with liquorice, Bounty bars, smarties and rock.

The 57-year-old, who works for commercial station Big L, has launched his biggest ever exhibition, called 'Choc Art', at the city's JAG Gallery in Madeira Drive.

It contains more than 20 pictures including an image of the West Pier in Brighton made from liquorice and a Brighton rock concert made from, well, Brighton rock.

He has also combined his love of music with his passion for art to create pictures of famous album covers such as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road by The Beatles.

Mr Read said: "I started about a year ago for fun and over time I have begun to take it a bit more seriously.

"The words 'choc art' just came into my head and I decided to experiment with sweets. Fortunately, most of my ideas for pictures have worked.

"The people who have come to the exhibition have given positive feedback and it goes down especially well with children.

"It is a thoroughly enjoyable hobby which I do whenever I get some spare time because it helps me relax.

"But sometimes I do get some odd looks when I stand staring at sweets for ages trying to work out what to buy."Mr Read, who used to lived in Amberley near Arundel, said he is looking to buy a house in Brighton.

The former Top of the Pops TV show host has visited children in schools to talk about and demonstrate his artwork.

The exhibition was due to finish after three days on Easter Monday but has been extended to run another two weeks.

Mr Read has so far sold more than 35 prints, the best selling being 'A Tube of Smarties' showing London's underground train network and hard-written station names.

Gallery owner and artist Julie Anne Gilburt said: "There was a fantastic response from the public so we decided to keep the exhibition going for another fortnight.

"He was painting in my studio and was great company. He used to come in with his materials for his work but we used to eat half of them."

The exhibition can be viewed daily from 9am-5pm and for more information call the gallery on 01273 621777.