Oscar the dog is a Jack Russell of all Trades - he skateboards, rides horses and even sails boats.

The two-year-old terrier is watched in awe as he practices his boarding along Goring seafront.

The pooch began just three weeks ago - and is now preparing to attempt the ramps at his nearby Homefield Park Skatepark in Worthing.

Owner Charlotte Browne, 20, of Goring, West Sussex, said: "My boyfriend bought a skateboard three weeks ago and Oscar just jumped on.

"He saw it as his new toy and we take him to the seafront every night to practice. We get crowds clapping and cheering him on.

"Whenever we try to take him for a walk he runs over to the skateboard. He won't let anyone else go on it.

"At the moment when he goes round corners he usually crashes into something. So we are teaching him to lean into the turn.

"Once he can navigate the bends we will take him to the skate park because he's desperate to get on the ramps.

"I also take him horse riding with me. He sits at the front of my saddle and puts his paws either side the horses' neck.

"My parents take him sailing with them when they go on holiday to the Norfolk Broads. He's even got his own little life jacket."Oscar won an agility competition in Ferring, near Worthing, last year for his ability to jump through hoops and leap over fences.

He skates by running up to board and jumping on, using his momentum to move the board. He is also starting to use his paw to push him along.

Miss Browne, a trainee interior designer, taught Oscar to skate using an obedience clicker. He was rewarded with doggy treats.

Her boyfriend Ryan O'Gorman, 25, said he plans to get a second skateboard to ride alongside the pooch.

The fitness trainer said: "The day the board arrived he took a liking to it. We knew he could do tricks but we were surprised when we saw him skate.

"When I stand on the board he comes behind, puts his paws on the board and when it slows down pushes it along with his legs.

"He has quite a fan club in town. When we take him out he usually gets a round of applause."

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