A teenager who posed for the camera before brutally beating a sleeping homeless man faces years behind bars.

Oliver Skeggs, 17, used a heavy metal wheel brace to batter Paul Vickers, 40, at Fishbourne, near Chichester, leaving his victim lying in a pool of blood.

The vicious assault was filmed by a friend on Skeggs' mobile phone and the chilling 25-second video was shown to a jury at Lewes Crown Court.

Skeggs, a waiter, denied attempted murder during a ten day trial.

The teenager, who was living at The Foyer, supported housing in Velyn Avenue, Chichester, at the time of the attack, claimed he had been smoking cannabis hours before the assault and had no control over his actions.

But when a jury of six men and six women today convicted him after considering their verdict for less than six hours the teenager struggled not to break down in the dock.

His friends Alistair Field, 17, of Osborne Crescent, Chichester, who filmed the attack, and Terry Bryan, 19, of Quest Close, Chichester, were both convicted of assault.

A third teenager, Ross Beeby, 19, of Hampton Court, Bognor, admitted assault before the trial started.

Skeggs, Bryan and Field were remanded in custody until Friday when they will appear at court alongside Beeby.