MUSICIAN Nick Cave has debuted as an artist along with Hollywood star Brad Pitt in an exhibition of sculptures and ceramics in Finland.

The Sara Hilden Art Museum in Tampere in southern Finland was initially scheduled to exhibit a wide variety of works by British artist Thomas Houseago, known for his sculptures, but he persuaded the museum to include works by his famous friends.

A spokeswoman for the museum said: “Cave and Pitt are already renowned in their respective fields of music and cinema, but this is the first time ever they have exhibited their artwork - pieces which were created during the course of an ongoing dialogue with Houseago.”

The musician, known for living in Brighton, and the Fight Club star travelled to Finland for a pre-opening event on Saturday, with Finnish media reporting that both men were excited and nervous about presenting their art for the first time.

Known for his dark baritone voice as the frontman for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the singer's exhibition features a series of ceramic figurines that depict the life of the devil.

The 17 figures were designed, painted and glazed by him between 2020 and this year.

He told Finnish broadcaster YLE: “I wanted to do the devil because I like red, and I like the colour of red glaze. Eventually, I decided to make the life story of the devil. 

“For me personally, it speaks to something about the idea of forgiveness or the need to be forgiven. It’s a very personal work for me.”

The exhibition is open until January 15.