If you've ever read one of the travel books in the fascinating and irreverent Cheeky Guides series, you'll know that Brighton-based writer David Bramwell is a very witty guy.

Also a journalist, musician in Oddfellows Casino and host of the Joogleberry Playhouse's Catalyst Club, Bramwell's play is a quirky, charming tale of discovery.

The show charts his progress as he sets out to uncover the mystery of a strange inheritance - his great aunt's moustache.

It is directed by Upstairs At Three And Ten's own artistic director Nicola Haydn, who says: "David encounters all these eccentric people from old Brighton' - occultists, freakshows and various extravagant performers and underground celebrities from the days when Brighton really meant counterculture, when it was seedier and edgier.

"It's an affectionate tale of old Brighton from someone who was really there."

  • Starts 4pm Monday May 5, 7pm other dates. Tickets cost £9/£7.

Call 07786 984900