THE HARLEM Globetrotters have shared their excitement about bringing their fast-paced brand of basketball to the Sussex coast this autumn.

The world-famous basketball team are set to return to Brighton for the first time since the Covid pandemic as part of their UK tour.

Fans can expect to see a wide variety of skills and flare on display, and players Cherelle George and Darnell Artis, better known as Torch and Speedy, are looking forward to putting on a show in the city.

Darnell said: “It’s going to be my first time in Brighton and I’m looking forward to it! Most of the players have never been to the UK before so I’m sure the Globetrotters and the fans are excited for the game.”

Cherelle added: “I was here a few years ago and people were having a great time, everyone knows the Globetrotters and the memories are always there.”

The Argus: Cherrelle George was the first female Globetrotter to hold a world record for the team | Harlem GlobetrottersCherrelle George was the first female Globetrotter to hold a world record for the team | Harlem Globetrotters (Image: Harlem Globetrotters)

Torch and Speedy will be part of the squad coming to Brighton as part of the Globetrotter’s Spread Game tour and showcasing one of the UK’s fastest growing sports to the city.

Having previously played in Brighton in the spring of 2020, shortly before the first of the UK’s Covid lockdowns, the team are ready to bring the game back to the “amazing crowds” in the city.

Both players have come to this point in their careers through very different routes. Darnell briefly played for the Globetrotters before moving to play in Brazil, leading the entire country in points scored before returning to play for the touring team.

Meanwhile, Cherelle was spotted while coaching a team in Miami, Florida leading to her signing for the team as a female Globetrotter.

In 2018, she became the first women to hold a Guinness World Record for the side, achieving 32 under the leg tumbles in one minute, the most by any female player.

“I feel that setting a record with the Globetrotters is something that is so special”, said Cherelle. She added: “The players love what they do. When I’m playing, I try to be creative, I’m always in that creative flow.”

The Argus: The Globetrotters last played in Brighton in 2020. Image: Harlem GlobetrottersThe Globetrotters last played in Brighton in 2020. Image: Harlem Globetrotters (Image: Harlem Globetrotters)

Both players said that their creativity is something that they particularly enjoy with the Globetrotters and is something which the team’s style particularly lends itself to.

Described as a mix between street basketball and an interactive family event, the show in October aims to showcase a particularly high energy version of the sport filled with slam dunks and trick shots.

The event will also include a pre-game interactive show where fans can take to the court and practice their skills with the players.

Darnell said: “You can expect to see so many cool things and make memories that will last a lifetime. I still have memories from when I went to watch the Globetrotters, and I think that’s because we have fan interaction like no other sport.”

The Harlem Globetrotters will play at The Brighton Centre on Sunday, October 16, with tickets still available from The Brighton Centre website.