Furious residents who claim new parking rules have left them "under siege"

have taken matters into their own hands.

They put up "car park full" signs in streets around the Wish Park area of Hove amid allegations the extension of the city's zonal parking scheme had forced commuters and tourists searching for free car spaces into their roads.

Lynne Reid said her life had been made a misery by the problem.

She said: "We genuinely feel we are under siege.

"The area has become so congested there have been several accidents. On one occasion, gridlock had developed and a truck was forced up on to the pavement and subsequently demolished a wall.

"We are being intimidated by angry commuters who are frustrated at the lack of parking in our streets.

"One resident had approached a car that was parked asking if they could move slightly to allow better access to their home. This was to aid the transfer of her sick husband but she received an angry retort and an abusive letter."

Residents tied the signs to lamp posts but these were removed by Brighton and Hove City Council and have now been leant against walls.

Victoria Richardson, of Marine Avenue, said: "When I left for the swimming pool with my two pre-school age children at 9.30am there were two cars hovering, waiting for my space.

"When I returned a couple of hours later there was, of course, nowhere to park.

"This is a regular occurrence - it is beyond stressful. The council's short-sighted parking policies have ruined my quality of life."

A council spokeswoman said: "We understand the concerns and pressures residents experience with regard to parking and have taken them on board.

"We've listened to the representations and problems raised with us, and as a result the Wish area is included on the priority parking scheme timetable, alongside other areas that have been suffering from severe parking issues for several years.

"The council appreciates that this does not bring an immediate solution to the issues in the area.

"Unfortunately it really isn't possible to meet all the demands across the city at the same time.

"In response to residents, however, the Wish area is now scheduled for consultation starting a year earlier than previously timetabled."