When friends wished him good luck they did not expect him to take them literally.

Now Drew Cameron, star of ITV's Britain's Got Talent, is laid up and unable to fulfil a host of job offers received as a result of his appearance on the show.

The Hove-based impressionist was inundated with calls from pals wishing him good luck for his appearance on the hit Saturday night show. But it did not quite work.

Only days after the show Drew, 49, went into a crunch tackle while playing football in the park - and came off worse with compound fractures to both his tibia and fibula.

He said: "I knew I had broken my leg straight away - it was agony. It was on my birthday too so all the lads were singing happy birthday as they loaded me into the ambulance.

"One of the reasons for going on Britain's Got Talent was to push my profile and get more work so the break has come as a cruel blow.

"I could be booked solid for months if I was in a position to say yes. Still at least Simon, Amanda and Piers loved what they saw."

Drew received three yeses from the notoriously hard to impress judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan, putting him through to the next round.

His phone has hardly stopped ringing since his successful audition shown last week, but sadly for Drew he is in no state to take on bookings.

He added: "I even had to turn down a wedding for next week. A bride's father who saw me on the show offered me a grand to appear in cabaret at a wedding reception.

"I can walk using crutches but it's very painful and as my act entails moving about lively on stage impersonating famous household names I've had to turn work down for the moment."

Doting wife Sheila, 50, is now nurse to her husband.

She said: "Lots of people break their leg but nobody wants to a see a loved one in pain.

"I was so proud of him when he was on the talent show. To get through with three yeses is a fantastic achievement.

"Comedy is such a difficult area compared with singing or dancing. He could have so easily been booted off but instead the judges loved him."

Drew has been on stage performing since the age of 12 when he did comedy impressions of the likes of Tommy Cooper, Frank Spencer and Jimmy Saville - and of course of his teachers and headmaster.

Today his favourite acts include impersonations of David Beckham, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Prince Charles, Ozzy Osbourne and Mr Bean.

Drew said he saw Britain's Got Talent as a vehicle to greater recognition for his comedy but that in true comedic style it has all gone belly up.

Ever chirpy, Drew said: "It has to be the height of bad luck. I finally get on television in front of ten million viewers only to break my leg - talk about Jake The Peg.

"I told friends if I succeeded on the show and got through I'd celebrate by getting plastered - at least I've kept to my word."