RACERS have taken to the streets to see how fast they can get down a hill in homemade karts.

Seafront Soapbox in Eastbourne saw teams with inventively designed cars racing down Dukes Drive on the seafront to see who could complete the course fastest.

Vehicle themes included a Back to the Future DeLorean to a bin lorry shaped kart being driven to the delight of spectators lining the route.

The Argus: Dennis HuntDennis Hunt (Image: Dennis Hunt)


Eastbourne Borough Council’s head of tourism and culture, Annie Wills said, “This year’s Seafront Soapbox saw an incredible turn out, with many taking advantage of the extra big screen and viewing area and soapbox exhibits at Helen Garden pits. 

"The creations were crazier than ever and congratulations go to all of the teams and local businesses who put in an amazing effort to design and build their soapboxes and dress up too.  We can’t wait to see what you have in store for Soapbox fans next year.”

Teams taking part competed for cash prizes for the fastest kart as well as for the "whackiest creation" of the day.

The Argus: One kart designed as a bed | Dennis HuntOne kart designed as a bed | Dennis Hunt (Image: Dennis Hunt)

Creations from the day came in all shapes and sizes. Some racers hurtled down the hill dressed as crash test dummies, while others chose to dress as soldiers, pilots and scientists.

One rider in the soapbox race took the theme very seriously with a kart designed like a washing machine.

The Argus: One team dressed up as crash test dummies for the event | Dennis HuntOne team dressed up as crash test dummies for the event | Dennis Hunt (Image: Dennis Hunt)

Soapbox racing involves teams designing non-motorised cars and pushing them down a downhill track. The 350m track at Eastbourne included a range of jumps, turns and chicanes for cars to contend with.

While some karts did not quite make it down the hill, crowds appeared to be in good spirits as they cheered teams on.