For many years those who support the case for fox hunting have used as one of their arguments that foxes will raid chicken farms and slaughter far more birds than they need. Recent news has shown that a different predator is actually the main culprit for this act - human beings.

The news that on average people throw away about 4,000 whole chickens every day says volumes about the idiocy of many people in our world. While technology has advanced at breakneck speed in the past 100 years, human intelligence has failed to keep up.

What a sad reflection it is on our species when 4,000 birds die for absolutely nothing. Are people that poor at making decisions that when they shop they actually overpurchase to the tune of a whole chicken? Many excellent books exist which can guide us how to make better decisions. It seems some of us need to read them.

  • Simon Boyd, Newhaven Heights, Newhaven