A ROAD has been closed off for the filming of crime drama Grace.

The third season of ITV’s hit show began filming back in August in Rottingdean.

Park View Road next to Hove Park was closed off from midnight on Wednesday.

The road closure will end at midnight tonight.

The filming is taking place inside one of the houses in the road.

The Argus: NewsquestNewsquest (Image: Newsquest)

One person described the street filled with vans and lorries all for the production.

He said: “The whole road has been closed off, there is so much stuff on the road. It’s mental.

“There is lots of security at each end of the road, it looked like they were still setting up and filming inside maybe.

The Argus: Vans in Park View Road for Grace filmingVans in Park View Road for Grace filming (Image: Newsquest)

“It’s just loads of vans all the way up the road.”

None of the series’ stars such as John Simm or Richie Campbell were seen during the filming.

Grace has been filmed at many landmarks across Brighton and Hove, with some scenes also taking place at locations in other parts of Sussex.

The third series of Grace is expected to hit screens sometime next year.