Sea defences are to be repaired in a seaside town to protect the area from rising sea levels.

The walls, in Peacehaven, are to undergo “crucial” work in order to protect them from the impact of winter storms.

The 50-year-old barriers will have their seals repaired as the effect of coastal erosion increases.

Matthew Bird, Lewes District councillor and cabinet member for sustainability, said: “Rising sea levels and storm surges are putting our coastline under huge pressure. “It is yet another stark consequence of climate change and why we must all redouble our efforts to live sustainably and in harmony with the natural world, rather than against it.”

While the walls are “generally in sound condition”, the seals between the walls can be susceptible to damage due to winter storms.

The frequency and ferocity of storms is said to be increasing due to climate change.

Councillor Chris Collier, cabinet member for performance and people, added: “This work is crucial and without doubt some of the most essential and important infrastructure maintenance the council is delivering in the district.

“While these defences continue to do a brilliant job, their age means that repairs and replacements are needed from time to time.”