People have been urged to plant trees this autumn and winter to add to the Queen’s Green Canopy.

The canopy is an initiative that began last year to increase and protect the number of trees in the UK in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Now it has been extended at the request of King Charles and Lewes charity Action In Rural Sussex is encouraging people in East Sussex to pay their respects to the late Queen by planting trees.

"The extension of the QGC initiative will build on this legacy and serve as a lasting tribute to Her Majesty’s extraordinary service to her country and her people,2 said the Marquess of Abergavenny who chairs the East Sussex QGC working group.

The Argus: The planting of two Queen's Canopy trees at Bristol Estate in Kemp Town this FebruaryThe planting of two Queen's Canopy trees at Bristol Estate in Kemp Town this February (Image: Chris Malla)

More than 15,000 trees have been planted at 124 sites in East Sussex as part of the scheme so far.

The initiative was said to be one of the closest to the late Queen’s heart in her Platinum Jubilee Year.

According to Action In Rural Sussex, the drought this summer means a wetter autumn and winter which will create ideal ground conditions for tree planting.

The Queen’s Canopy website sets out a list of instructions on how to plant a Queen’s Canopy tree:

  1. Plan – acquire a healthy tree
  2. Plant – Plant the tree
  3. Protect – Give the tree the best chance of surviving by taking care of it
  4. Register – Add a photo of your tree to the digital record of trees planted in the Queen’s name across the country


The Argus: Tree planting at Heathfield fire station in May this yearTree planting at Heathfield fire station in May this year (Image: The Heathfield News)

Lord Abergavenny said: “Any species of healthy tree counts as long as it is nurtured and preserved for the future. Please get planting, upload a photo to the digital map and let the East Sussex team know.”

The Queen’s Green Canopy has an interactive map which showcases the planting across the country.

The Marquess of Abergavenny said: “This planting gives people an opportunity to be part of a special legacy.”