A fed-up resident says he has lost count of the number of floods in his road after yet more water engulfed the area.

The flood is the latest in a string of incidents which have blighted West Way and The Broadway in Lancing for the past year.

Southern Water has been continuing improvement works in the area but it is still being inundated.

Nigel Sweet, of The Broadway, spoke out after the latest flood today.

Nigel, 64, said: “I have lost count of the number of floods but we are certainly in double figures.

“I feel numb about it now, it feels like we have never been without the water.

“We are being told that this is because of a spring tide but we weren’t warned at all.”

A spokesman for Southern Water said this flooding was related to ground water in the area and was “unrelated to the works going on”. These works are to fix a long-runing problem with burst pipes and leaking sewage.

Nigel said that he first spotted the latest water outside his house at around 12.30pm.

The Argus: Flooding in LancingFlooding in Lancing (Image: Nigel Sweet)

He said he had seen an elderly man having to walk in the middle of the road as this is where water was the shallowest.

Floodwater is covering the road, seeping around Southern Water's works and tankers have been brought in to clear it.

Nigel said it has been almost a year to the day since the road was first flooded and that the problem has been persistent ever since.

The Broadway and West Way area has had multiple floods over the year, often sewage water flowing across the road, to the distress of residents.

Southern Water is in the middle of repair works in the area which have been ongoing since July.

The works are focused on relining around 2km of pipes in the area.

The company previously said it expected the works to be completed by Monday, October 24.