Harry Potter, E.T. and the Loch Ness Monster have appeared in the gardens of villagers.

The characters have been brought to life as part of a scarecrow festival with residents competing to have the best design.

The creations have cropped up in Ferring, near Goring in West Sussex ahead of this year’s annual scarecrow festival. Over 70 designs are being displayed as part of the event.

Among the creations are the likes of Batman and Robin as well as Humpty Dumpty sitting on his wall.

The Grim Reaper also appeared to haunt the village, but on closer inspection this was actually Homer Simpson holding the head of Ned Flanders.

Visitors to the village can follow a trail to see if they can find all of the scarecrows around the village and a set of winners is announced each year for the best design.

Last year’s winners included “Gourdon the Gardener” as well as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas film.

The event also raises money for local causes each year. This year funds will go towards the 1st Ferring Scout Group.

Ferring Scarecrow Festival will be taking place in the village until Sunday, October 30.