Thousands of people are expected to be dazzled by the return of a fireworks display next week.

The annual fun fair and fireworks display at Preston Park, Brighton, will return next Wednesday, with roughly 10,000 people expected to attend.

Residents and visitors to the event had expressed some confusion as to when the fireworks are taking place, with a “Brighton and Hove Fireworks Night” website claiming the event is on November 4.

However, a council spokesman confirmed to The Argus the fireworks will be on November 2 - as advertised on a series of posters and signs across the city.

The event’s funfair, including several food and drinks stalls, opens to visitors from 4pm, with the fireworks display set to start from 8pm.

The display is free to attend.

The festivities mark Bonfire Night - the annual tradition of celebrating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 to set off a series of explosives underneath the House of Lords in an attempt to assassinate the Protestant King James I and his parliament.

Among the Catholic plotters was Guy Fawkes, who was later tortured, put on trial and executed.