Twin toddler brothers are starring in a new horror comedy in the run-up to Halloween.

Albie and Arthur Hills, from Lancing, feature in the Sky series The Baby where they play the lead of role of a “controlling, manipulative baby”.

The boys, now two, appeared in the show after their parents, Ash and Izzie, were approached and asked whether they wanted to play the role.

Ash, an electricity linesman for UK Power Networks, said: “They are really good boys, although I do think they like to stay in character sometimes.

“Watching the show back and seeing our boys play such a lead role is amazing.

"They are in every episode and we think it will forever feel surreal to us. We could never have imagined getting such a great opportunity and we are so proud of how well they did.

“I think as parents we naturally want to make lots of memories for the boys to look back on when they’re older, making sure that they are always happy in the process.”

The twins filmed the scenes when they were babies. Now they are boisterous toddlers who love Baby Shark and football.

The Argus: A still from The Baby featuring one of the boysA still from The Baby featuring one of the boys (Image: UK Power Networks)

The couple were asked if their sons would appear in the show after the pair were spotted on social media by a casting agency.

The family said they enjoyed the filming process and the crew was very supportive and checked that the twins were happy.

The Baby is an eight-part series from the creators of Chernobyl and This Is Going To Hurt. The story follows a child with “violent powers” who arrives in the life of a woman who never wanted children.

Ash said the show tackles themes such as adoption, women’s rights and LGBTQ issues. He added: “Behind the comedy and horror there are some very important topic areas which we are really proud to have been a part of sharing.”

The Baby is a Sky series which was broadcast in July.