A homeless man who has set up camp in a main shopping road has told how tough it is to survive on the streets.

David Hill, 46, who has been living outside the Co-op in North Street, Brighton, for months, said he was finding the situation “harder and harder”.

He became homeless around eight months ago.

David, who currently sleeps with all his possessions and his dog, Gnasher, said he would like to see more shelter provided for homeless people in the city.

He said he is forced to sleep rough, often huddling with Gnasher for warmth, and relies on the kindness of strangers for food and drink.

He said: “Living on the street is definitely not easy. I’m finding it harder and harder.

“I landed here about eight months ago after I found out my partner had an affair and I have been around different places in Brighton.”

The Argus: David has been sleeping in North Street since becoming homeless eight months agoDavid has been sleeping in North Street since becoming homeless eight months ago (Image: The Argus)

David, who is originally from Brighton, said he spent time in prison after being convicted of robbery at a young age. During his sentence, his decision to reform led to him going to school and getting an education.

He said he received high grades in his A-levels while still behind bars and then made history after being accepted into Oxford University in 1999. He said that at the time, he was the first ex-convict to be accepted to study at the university while still on licence.

He said he later joined the military and served with the Royal Marines.

David moved back to Brighton after living in Leeds for many years with his partner until they split up.

He said: "There is no suitable accommodation in place to get homeless people off the streets.

 “Once I get myself sorted I want to get a homeless sanctuary set up.

“A lot of the community have been giving me stuff but there needs to be a permanent shelter.

“People want the homeless to hide away but I’m choosing to make a statement.”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We cannot comment about a specific individual except to say we are aware of them and have been working with them for some time to resolve the situation. 

“We are hopeful of a positive outcome within the next couple of weeks.” .