Residents have complained that new cycle hangars are stopping drivers from parking – with one taking up two spaces.

The hangar, which has been installed near Norfolk Square in Brighton, can be seen straddling two spaces, leaving no room for cars to park.

Concerned citizens have said that the hangars, which provide covered bike storage streets across the city, are now blocking cars from parking in the street.

One resident, Bill Young, 72, said: “It’s just absolute madness. I don’t have a problem with the hangars it’s just the fact that it takes up two parking spaces.

“It creates this hate between residents and car owners. I think it should be removed and put inside the square and that way there wouldn’t be a problem.”

The hangars, which were first introduced in July, allow cyclists to store their bikes under cover in a secure location away from their homes. Each hangar is around the size of a car parking space.

The Argus: Another cycle hangar taking up a parking space in Denmark Villas in BrightonAnother cycle hangar taking up a parking space in Denmark Villas in Brighton (Image: NQ Staff)

Brighton and Hove City Council say that they plan to introduce around 100 hangars after the current spaces were quickly filled. Around 150 are expected to be installed by Spring 2023, creating a total of 900 spaces for bikes.

However, some residents have argued that the hangars are still unsafe and claim some cyclists do not want to use them.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “All of these hangars are unnecessary and they all take up paid parking spaces on the streets.

“This hangar would only take up one space but the thing is they could have put it in a corner of the park.

“I think they are being used to take up car parking spaces. I think people will always take their bikes indoors, so who are these actually for?”

Brighton and Hove City Council were approached for comment about the cycle hangars.

Any residents can apply for a space so long as there is one available. Spaces cost just over £1 a week, working out at £60 to store a bike for a year.