Thousands have lined the streets to take part in Lewes’ traditional bonfire night celebrations – despite rain and traffic problems threatening to ruin the day.

While the event was described as “quieter than normal”, the bonfire societies did not let the weather dampen their spirits as they carried effigies through the streets.

Highlights of the evening included a detailed tableaux of former Prime Minister Liz Truss joining the parade as well as an effigy Vladimir Putin clad as a devil.

Hazel Smulders, who travelled from Eastbourne to attend the event, said: “I just come for the parade, I watch the fireworks from the bridge for a good view and I like it when they throw the crosses into the river.”

However, Lewes resident Hannah said the event “normally has a bit more oomph”, adding: “It’s a bit low-key this year.”

Streets in the town were crowded as parade goers lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the many bonfire societies and their creations.

One tableaux of Liz Truss included a sign reading “No U-Turns” as part of a political satire of her short tenure as Prime Minister. The effigy, which also included a lettuce as a comical allusion to her downfall, also saw pound coins with former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s face on them.

Another tableaux paid tribute to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the creators praising the strength of the Ukrainian people.

The Argus: Vladimir Putin clad as a devilVladimir Putin clad as a devil (Image: NQ Staff)

In a statement, Lewes Borough Bonfire Society said: “This year we salute the man who leads his nation in its brave stance against oppression and invasion and is carrying his country men and women to ensure they have the freedoms we in the west so cherish yet take for granted.”

Earlier comments from the multi-agency that the town “isn’t built” for the bonfire celebrations did not come to fruition as there was no cause for much trouble from the emergency services.

In a statement midway through the evening, the planning group said that there had been no arrests made in the evening and they were only treating two injuries.