A postman collapsed and died while on his round.

Father-of-three George Dann, 60, fell to the pavement outside a house just after he had delivered a letter.

A neighbour dialled 999 and a passing builder stopped and tried to resuscitate him.

Mr Dann, who had been a postman for 12 years, was taken to Worthing Hospital's A&E department but later died.

His family said the Manchester United fan appeared fit and healthy before his death.

Mr Dann's eldest son, Jason, 38, said: "The night before we were watching the Champions League Manchester United against Chelsea match on the television.

He was a very big fan of Manchester United. Perhaps it was the shock of them winning that did it.

"He wasn't ill. He was quite fit. He had a bit of high blood pressure but that was normal. That's why it came as such a shock."

Mr Dann, of Canterbury Road, Worthing, collapsed at 11.15am on May 22 as he left the house in Cokeham Lane, Sompting, near Lancing.

His cause of death was recorded as coronary artery atherosclerosis or a natural hardening of the arteries.

Jason said: "My dad's boss contacted us and we all went to the hospital. The coroner told us he was dead before he hit the floor."

Mr Dann, who lived with his wife, Sue, was a grandfather of ten and devoted a lot of his spare time to his grandchildren.

Mrs Dann said her husband was looking forward to retirement.

She said: "He loved his job and was well liked on his rounds. He didn't like the bad weather though, like most postmen.

"I know he was looking forward to retiring. He wanted to live abroad. He liked the sun. But I wanted to stay here because of the grandchildren."

His daughter Debbie, 42, said: "He was a fun-loving, bubbly sort of person.

"We plan to bury him in his football shirt."

Colleagues at the Lancing delivery office where he worked paid tribute to him.

Delivery office manager Bob Chandler said: "He was a much-liked and well respected colleague who had been at the office for 12 years.

"Our thoughts and sympathies are very much with his family and friends."

Mr Dann's funeral will be at Durrington Cemetery in Worthing on Wednesday at 2pm.

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