Brighton and Hove is the UK’s Deliveroo capital, according to a recent study.

According to a report by savings platform Raisin UK, the city has the most takeaway options on the delivery app anywhere in the country.

The city also has some 3,282 takeaway outlets to choose from - the fourth highest in the UK, equating to 134 takeout choices per 10,000 people.

Despite the large amount of choice to choose from, The Kebab Capital Report also found that the average resident of Brighton and Hove only spends 2.86 per cent of disposable income on takeaways.

Taking the top spot as the takeaway capital of the country was Bournemouth, with almost 4,000 options for residents to choose from, followed by Newcastle in second and Leeds third.

Meanwhile, Gloucester was found to have the fewest options for takeaways of the towns and cities studied, with just 963 choices throughout the whole town.

A spokesman for Raisin said: “Most of us are guilty of arriving home from our weekly shop with a fridge full of food to instead kick back, flick on the TV and order food to arrive within the hour.

“Despite only 2.86 per cent of disposable income being spent on takeaways, Brighton has the highest number of Deliveroo options per 10,000 people, and the fourth highest number of takeaway locations compared to its population.”