Councillors Jan Young and Averil Older (Letters, May 27) like to talk about value for money and open and transparent decision-making.

But do they really practice what they so like to preach?

Did the Argus not recently reveal a secret Conservative asset-stripping list of council properties to be put up for disposal? Hardly a transparent and open approach. And why do the Conservatives want to asset-strip our heritage, such as Foredown Tower, anyway?

Then there was the shameful lastminute decision by the Conservative group to put up certain councillors' expenses, against independent advice. If they so liked openness and transparency why did Councillors Older and Young go along with this?

Are more expenses for councillors value for money for the taxpayer?

Then they like to lecture on the environment. These the same two who helped to halt the excellent environmentally sustainable wind turbine scheme for Grand Avenue?

  • Jez Smith, Cromwell Road, Hove