In response to Mr Hartfree's letter (Letters, May 23), as a resident in Chester Terrace, I, and several of my neighbours, are infuriated at the arrival of the City Car Club in our street.

We had no notice of this, only an invite the day before the "opening"

and a flyer describing the club.

What was Brighton and Hove City Council thinking of allowing this in an area where the majority of the residents are families, with at least one car per household and parking places already at a premium.

Does the enterprise honestly think that these families are going to join the club when they have children to chauffer here and there? I doubt it.

The idea in principal is good, but I wonder if this is just another timeshare money spinner cleverly disguised as a green issue.

What's more, the parking space was marked out about four weeks ago and there hasn't been a car on it yet.

What a waste of space!

  • Pat Jennings Chester Terrace, Brighton