I recently returned from a short holiday and naturally phoned my daughter to let her know I was back.

She had some ghastly news.

While I had been away she and her family had suffered a horrific incident with a pit bull dog that had escaped and was on the loose. My daughter was alerted by a neighbour who said the animal was in the process of savaging one of my daughter's cats. The poor cat had no chance as it was elderly and arthritic.

My daughter has several rescue cats so she rushed out and tried to get the other cats in but the pit bull got another and killed her. That one had only one eye.

It could have been one of my grandchildren in that garden at the time. I dread to think what may have happened. The six-year-old is autistic and is suffering trauma as all this happened in front of the children.

Fortunately, my daughter had managed to get them inside, sustaining injuries to herself in trying to rescue another cat.

In the name of sanity, isn't it time that these killer dogs were phased out?

Banning them has had very little effect so far. They are bred by people who want them as a status symbol or to fight.

These dogs should not be exercised anywhere near public places, should be muzzled when taken out and never be off a strong harness. I cannot understand the mentality of people who choose to own any kind of attack dog as a house pet, especially if they have children. Again and again one hears of these dogs turning on owners or their children.

  • L Machin, Granary Way, Horsham