The parking around Fiveways has been particularly difficult for residents in the past few years.

To make matters worse, in the last few weeks Brighton City Car Club bays have been popping up around Fiveways with no consultation with residents.

Brighton and Hove City Council should be looking at ways to improve parking for residents, such as permit parking, rather than reducing the amount of car parking spaces.

The car club claims to reduce people's carbon footprint, but how can this be when it just encourages you to drive someone else's car instead of your own? It also encourages people that do not have cars to hire one, therefore encouraging them to get behind the wheel of a car.

Along Chester Terrace, the City Car Club bay has been there for weeks now and it has remained empty with residents not parking it in, and along Sandgate Road a Car Club bay has appeared and no car has been placed in the bay.

If there is no other space along the road, can the company and council expect residents to leave these bays empty, especially along Sandgate Road where parking is particularly bad as it is close to the popular bakery?

  • Jayne Meadows, Sandgate Road, Brighton