The more former Conservative councillor Peter Willows speaks, the deeper he seems to dig himself (The Argus, May 29).

Not content with upsetting the gay community, he now starts work on the black and minority ethnic communities in his astounding comments about "brown faces".

When he called gays "paedophiles", we were told that it was just his old age and he didn't mean to offend.

Perhaps he'll claim that a comment such as a person having a "brown face" also wasn't meant to offend.

Well, of course it does, just like the upset he caused to the gay community.

Perhaps he doesn't mean to constantly offend, but surely as a former Conservative councillor who should have been serving the whole community, he must understand that such references are just plain wrong?

As for the defence of his age, that is just as insulting to other 76 year olds, who wouldn't dream of causing such offence or holding such views about other people.

Most pensioners I know are decent and honest people. They would never make these comments.

Is this the reality of David Cameron's caring Conservative Party?

  • Matthew Smith, New Church Road, Hove