New drone images have given a fresh glimpse at a crumbling estate dubbed “The Ghost House of Sussex”.

The £40million Hamilton Place, which is bigger than Buckingham Palace, has been left to decay since construction began to rebuild it in 1985.

The Uckfield mansion is owned by millionaire businessman Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

One of his grand renovation plans included the gold-topped mausoleum which can be spotted in the new images.

In 2002, Mr Hoogstraten was jailed for the manslaughter of business rival Mohammed Raja but the verdict was overturned on appeal. He was later ordered to pay Mr Raja’s family £6 million.

Construction on Hamilton Palace was put on hold shortly after this.

Nine years ago, Mr van Hoogstraten told The Argus completing Hamilton Palace was not his top priority, with work at his properties in Hove coming first.

And it looks like Mr van Hoogstraten still has other priorities as pictures show the dilapidated building encased in scaffolding.

The Argus: The building is encased in scaffoldingThe building is encased in scaffolding (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

The building marks a stark contrast to its surroundings.

Situated in the beautiful green Wealden countryside, the stately home sticks out like a sore thumb.

Disgruntled residents have complained about its poor condition in the past.

Obscured by thick woodland, the manor is hidden away off a junction just off the A22 south.

Those adventuring on foot to the estate will not be able to get very far and can expect to be greeted by a gated entrance and a sign saying 'High Cross Estate, Private Property, Keep Out'.

The Argus: Hamilton Place is situated in lovely green countrysideHamilton Place is situated in lovely green countryside (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

There are also other signs warning people "dogs running free", "shooting in progress", and CCTV in operation.

Six years ago, Mr van Hoogstraten hit out at those complaining about the state of the mansion, calling them “peasants”.

“Even the most moronic of peasants would be able to see… that we have been busy landscaping the grounds of the palace so as to prepare for scheduled works,” he said.