For the past 20 years, The Wedding Present have given us some truly memorable anthems for the broken-hearted.

The Weddoes have returned with a new album, El Rey - hailed as their "LA album".

While it's true that the El Rey tracks we were treated to - Palisades and Don't Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk - have a more transatlantic feel, they still had the passion and the self-deprecating angst that always characterised The Wedding Present at their best.

Oh, and guitars. Lots of guitars.

It's to the Weddoes' credit they offered up a crowd-pleasing set that delved into their back catalogue, going as far back as the George Best tunes, with a blistering version of I'm Not Always So Stupid being a highlight.

While the choices were not going to please everyone - "so many classic tunes, so little time" mused frontman Dave Gedge - the Weddoes played a liberal and fiery selection, with great versions of Don't Talk Just Kiss and Brassneck and even a diversion into the more lush, filmic territory of spin-off project Cinerama.

If the night proved anything, it was that age has not mellowed The Wedding Present. They are still making a bloody wonderful noise.