Construction work for this year’s Brighton Christmas market is nearing completion ahead of its opening night this weekend.

Workers were assembling the ferris wheel at St Peter's Square today into the evening.

Market stalls were also being built throughout the day ahead of the opening of the Christmas market on Friday.

This year’s event will not have fencing around the edge so people are more free to come and go.

Last year’s Christmas market faced criticism after being plagued with issues and complaints due to noise.

Hove-based organiser E3 Events pledged to provide a more “magical, traditional and high-quality experience” this year.

It partnered with a German company with a track record of providing German Christmas markets in Bath, Edinburgh and Leicester Square, in London.

The Argus: The Christmas markets being set up outside St Peter's Church todayThe Christmas markets being set up outside St Peter's Church today (Image: The Argus)

The market has moved from Old Steine and Valley Gardens to near St Peter’s Church.

It also has a smaller ferris wheel compared to last year, fewer bars, no fairground and more retail stands.

Last week, Green councillor Martin Osborne said the markets will have a more traditional feel about them.

He said: “I’m really excited about this. Looking at the plans this year, I think they will be an improvement on last year’s plans.

The Argus: Setting up the ferris wheel this eveningSetting up the ferris wheel this evening (Image: The Argus)

“I know some people felt there could have been better. I note the event’s organisers struggled to provide the quality of offering they maybe were expecting that was for a number of challenging reasons.

“This year, they are mainly focusing around St Peters’ Square. This will be an open site without the fencing that affected the look and feel of last year’s event.”

The Christmas market will be open from November 18 until Christmas Eve.