Matt Hancock controversially joined ITV’s I’m A Celebrity earlier this month and now he’s opened up to campmates about politics in the UK.

The former Health Secretary described Liz Truss’ career in politics as being “over”.

Campmates are completely shut off from the outside world when they spend time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle so it’s no wonder some of them are missing hear about what’s going on back home.

Scarlette Douglas began to wonder about the UK’s current political situation.

I'm A Celeb campmates quiz Matt Hancock on UK politics

She said: “I wonder if Rishi’s still in power.”

Hancock was quick to react, saying: “yeah, he will be.”

It wasn’t long until Coronation Street’s Sue Cleaver asked the MP what he thought about Liz Truss’s short-lived stint at Prime Minister.

She didn’t waste any time, asking: “What do you think went wrong Matt?”

To which he replied: “In a way, they were unlucky, in that globally interest rates all went up, just at the time that they were also… bringing in a financial statement where you say, ‘We’re going to do all these expensive things and we’re not going to say how we’re going to pay for them’”.

Cleaver pressed on with her next question: “Where does that leave her now?”

“Her political career is over. No ambiguity at all”, Hancock said.


Shortly after, viewers saw Hancock speaking in the Bush Telegraph where he said: “There I was sat in the comfy red chair and I felt like I was on Mastermind being asked all these questions.”

Journalist Charlene White also chimed in with a question, asking the MP: “Why do you think Tory Party members went for the less experienced…”

Hancock said: “I think that’s all about how Boris got kicked out. It was all about people seeing Rishi as wielding the knife against Boris.”

White went on: “So they decided to, one could argue, punish the entire country, by putting someone in place who was less experienced?”

Hancock replied: “That implies a malign motive, which isn’t fair. But they definitely put the disloyalty to Boris as a negative, as a bigger factor than..”

Seann Walsh also put a question to Matt, asking: “Were you a Boris die-hard?”

Hancock said: “Look, I was very supportive of him, but it was time. When it was time to go, it was time to go.”

Matt Hancock texted Boris Johnson amid Liz Truss resignation

The conversation then moved to Boris Johnson returning to the UK after Truss resigned with White asking Hancock: “When he flew back from his holiday in the Caribbean, what was your first thought?”

Hancock shared that he got in touch with the former Prime Minister: “I texted him and I said, ‘You know I think you’re wonderful but it’s not your time. The best thing for the country is that you should back Rishi and that we should get him in post as soon as possible’.”

I’m A Celebrity continues on Wednesday at 9 pm on ITV.