What is it you do?
As well as my job, I chair a community group called Brighton And Hove Building Green.

Why did you pick that?
I was involved in pushing for green buildings in London in a previous job and wanted to continue this interest in my spare time for the benefit of my home town.

What makes you greener than other organisations?
We're not necessarily greener but we are focused literally on the green stuff: promoting the use of plants on roofs and walls as part of making a more healthy and sustainable city. Green roofs and walls look good and if we adopt them widely, they also offer benefits for wildlife, keep the city cool in summer and help manage storm water.

What is your latest green obsession?
We just ran a workshop for local people to learn how to DIY their own green roof, which was great fun and very popular. We want to run more and in the meantime will be helping promote Brighton and Hove's green buildings during EcoHouse and Architecture month. You can find out more at building-green.org.uk.

How hard is it to be green in Sussex?
Not very. Public transport is pretty good, local food is available, and there are great networks and groups to offer advice.

Carbon-offsetting, yes or no?
It has its place as a last resort. But first, avoid using energy, reduce the amount you do use and source the rest from renewables.

Then, if you're going to offset the rest, try to retire carbon credits from the trading system rather than relying on tree planting schemes. Plant trees for other reasons!

What's your guiltiest green secret?
I have owned many surfboards - pure petrol and toxic nasties, but hours of pleasure!

What is the biggest thing you have sacrificed to be green?
Our camper van. I surf a lot less than I used to but at least I walk to the sea when I go.

Are you a climate worrier or optimist?
As an idealist, I'm hopeful we can sort things out but my optimism is running out fast.

What's your skill for when the oil runs out?
The ability to walk.

What's your philosophy for living a greener life in a nutshell?
Don't think of it as "being green" - just make sure you're doing the basics. Buy local. Be energy efficient at home. Drive or fly little or not at all. Get a bike. Show others the logic of it all. If everyone takes these simple steps, we'll be OK.