Children have raised hundreds of pounds to help their cancer suffering teacher.

Emma Moulding, 32, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

She has managed to come to terms with her illness thanks to the support of her family, friends and the eight and nine-year-old children in her class.

Emma, who teaches at St Thomas A Beckett Catholic Junior School in Eastbourne, said: "I've been off sick for a while but I'm now slowly returning to work. It's been hard on both me and the children coming in and out, but I've always been honest with them about my illness and they've been amazing.

"I wrote the children a story - The Flower of Hope - to try and help them understand.

"I used the analogy of a flower and a gardener to try and explain. I'm the flower and the gardener is my oncologist.

"The idea of him tending to the flower helped explain things like the chemotherapy and losing my hair - that it may look like it's hurting but really it's helping me."

Emma, who lives in Eastbourne, said she had an overwhelming response from her pupils who wrote her letters and messages of support.

Emma's pupils and their families decided to raise money to give her the trip of a lifetime. Since January, the children and their parents have put on several events and managed to raise £2,000 for Emma to take a trip to New York.

Emma is taking part in the Race for Life event in Eastbourne on Sunday which raises money for Cancer Research UK. To sponsor her visit

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