Perhaps Bob had a touch of pre-gig nerves or Spud was stuck in make-up, but the show started late and the mini-natives were already getting restless.

There were so many builder's hard hats in the audience it resembled a Village People convention for Oompah Loompahs.

The show revolved around the ubiquitous "green" message as Bob and his gang invited the audience to help them build an eco-recycling plant powered by wind turbines.

I wondered if the theme may have stuck in the craw of any parents from the Hollingdean Road area of Brighton in the crowd who fought so vehemently against the recycling plant currently being built on their doorstep.

But enough of the grumpy old man. Remote-controlled versions of Scoop, Scrambler and Dizzy had the kid's gawping in wonder, while Bob and Wendy got them joining in the routines.

Spud stole the show with a couple of cheeky gags, with praise for Farmer Pickles - it's good to see one of the Wurzels in work.

Inevitably, the kids started to get restless again but Recyclin' had them dancin' in the aisles.

With colourful sets adding to a great spectacle, the show was value for money for hard-pressed parents. Except my two-year-old fell asleep. I was mortar-fied.