An MP has slammed Qatar over their record on human rights and gay rights and said that politicians should boycott the World Cup.

Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove, said that the country should not have been allowed to host the competition due to a number of concerns with the state.

Kyle, who is openly gay, said that he would be supporting England in the World Cup but said fans like him would be “persecuted” if they travelled to support the team.

He said: “If I went as someone who was gay I would not be allowed to be myself and any other people who are like me are being persecuted.

“I think Qatar should not have had the World Cup in the first place. The whole selection process stunk and even Sepp Blatter says it was a mistake.

“Qatar wanted to shine a light on their country and that is exactly what it has done.”

Kyle also blasted foreign secretary James Cleverly for travelling to Qatar after he said that LGBTQ+ fans should respect Qatari laws while they are in the country.

He said that Cleverly’s comments show “his own moral compass on the issue”.

He added: “I really wish he wasn’t doing that.”

The Argus: Peter Kyle, MP for HovePeter Kyle, MP for Hove (Image: NQ Staff)

Kyle did add that he would be watching the World Cup and that fans should support England “as if it were anywhere else”.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and is punishable with up to three years in jail and a fine.

A number of groups have called for a boycott of the World Cup over the issue including the organisers of Brighton Pride.

The calls for politicians to not travel to the event comes after Keir Starmer said that he and the Labour front bench would be boycotting the event.

Concerns have also been raised over the conditions for workers during the construction of stadiums for the World Cup.

The Argus: Khalifa International Stadium in DohaKhalifa International Stadium in Doha (Image: NQ Staff)

Thousands of workers have died since Qatar was confirmed as hosts, including a man from Hove.

The World Cup begins on Sunday, November 20, with England playing their first game against Iran on Monday, November 21.