Brighton has been named as the greenest commuter hub in the UK according to new research.

In a study, the city was ranked as the best place for eco-friendly commuters beating out Oxford and Bradford.

The research compiled by cycling brand Raleigh found that nearly half of commuters in Brighton travelled to and from work by an environmentally friendly form of transport.

Lee Kidger, managing director of Raleigh, said: “As more and more cities introduce low emissions zones and the country moves towards electric vehicles, electric bikes will become a more popular.

“But it’s also clear that our cities still have a way to go to cut their city’s emissions from roads and transport with about a third of a city’s carbon emissions coming from this alone.

"Luckily, we see commuters are making efforts where they can to find better options - almost 60 per cent of Edinburgh is already taking sustainable options to work and 1 in 5 in Cambridge are already thinking bike!”

The Argus: Graphic of commuter cities in the UKGraphic of commuter cities in the UK (Image: Raleigh)

Brighton ranked top of the list due to having one of the shortest commutes of cities on the list as well as 49 per cent of workers travelling by bus or bike as well as walking.