After seeing the Grace filming on the same road as our office on Monday, it was fantastic to get an invite for the hit ITV crime series.

Filming was taking place at Wyndham Street in Kemp Town, Brighton, on Thursday afternoon for a murder scene at a house near the seafront.

We were given exclusive access inside the murder house before shooting and got the chance to speak with Alexander Cobb, who plays Argus reporter Kevin Spinella in the show.

I was chauffeured up to Brighton racecourse where the headquarters for the production is and met the man who plays the roving reporter in the series.

The Argus: Setting up for the shoot outside the murder houseSetting up for the shoot outside the murder house (Image: The Argus)

It was a case of Argus reporter meeting fictional Argus reporter, although I will admit his overcoat was smarter than mine.

Speaking of the role, Alexander said: “It has been really fascinating getting insights into the career from journalist friends.

“Spinella is one of those journalists that likes to play around with what is ethically justifiable. The description in the books is slimy, ratty, spiky gelled hair, always chewing gum and wearing a trench coat.

The Argus: 'Argus reporter' interviews Argus reporter'Argus reporter' interviews Argus reporter (Image: The Argus)

“When you have that sort of that description, you know where it’s going.

“Spinella has a theatrical side to him as well, he loves the story and has a fascination for true crime.”

Alexander said he “really enjoyed” being in Brighton for filming.

He said: “Coming down here and enjoying Brighton, it’s been such a great home for the show. Obviously it’s set here but everyone is very comfortable and it’s a nice place to work.”

The Argus: Kevin Spinella, left, with Argus reporter George CardenKevin Spinella, left, with Argus reporter George Carden (Image: The Argus)

In terms of being involved in the crime drama, Alexander added: “It’s a lovely thing to be a part of, I really enjoy being part of these type of series. Especially in a period of really cinematic television.

“It’s nice because it’s part of a British tradition of feature length cop shows. It’s nice to be part of that but it’s got something different as well.”

After taking a few snaps with Alexander, it was time to get a lift back to the office.

In gritty true crime drama style, it starting bucketing down as I got back. What a fantastic experience seeing behind the scenes filming of Grace.