Dog owners are facing a rise in the price of owning their pets as monthly costs have more than doubled in recent years.

Soaring prices have led to owners spending nearly £200 a month on each of their dogs in the South East.

While most places have seen costs nearly double, owning a dog in Sussex will now cost 138 per cent more now than in 2019.

Research conducted by shows that the cost of owning a dog rose further in the South East than anywhere else in the country.

The region is the only place in the UK where the perceived cost of owning a dog has more than doubled, with Scotland seeing the next biggest rise at 98 per cent.

The Argus: An infographic on dog owner cost increases in the UKAn infographic on dog owner cost increases in the UK (Image:

The 138 per cent rise in the Southeast compares to London where prices have only risen by 37 per cent.

Owners in the Southeast are paying an average of £191.87 per dog each month to look after their dogs.