A new indoor arena where teams can play a high-tech version of dodgeball is set to open next year.

Hado, which combines physical sport and AR technology, will be opening a new arena in Hove.

Brighton is home to Team IDK, who champions in the sport and have racked up an impressive portfolio of international successes, representing the nation in recent tournaments.

Now, members of the public can experience Hado for themselves at a new purpose-built arena in Knoll Business Centre, just off the Old Shoreham Road.

The Argus: Players can book the activity onlinePlayers can book the activity online

Players of the sport wear custom-built AR headsets and handsets, seamlessly combining reality with computer graphics.

In Hado, “superhuman energy balls” are thrown at the opposing team, while power-ups such as shields can be deployed to slow down the team’s attack.

What is Hado?

First gaining traction in Japan, the activity brands itself as the world’s first physical esport with players moving around the full-sized 10x6 metre court to dodge the virtual balls.

A spokesperson for the arena says that they are “very excited” to be opening to the public and that it has been a “long time coming”.

It is hoped that the new venue can not only bring more people into the sport but help the existing teams train for new national championships in the future.

The plan could put Brighton on the map as a future destination for world championships, with existing arrangements for international teams to train in the custom-built facility.

The new Hado AR Sports arena will open in January of next year in the Knoll Business Centre to both events, corporate clients and members of the public.

You can find out more at https://www.hadoarsports.com/