The council has said it is “looking at developing a new facility” to replace the current King Alfred Leisure Centre.

In a statement issued yesterday, Brighton and Hove City Council has said that the proposed new facility would provide “a more modern, energy efficient building” which will be “greatly improved” from the current centre.

Three years ago, plans including a £50 million sports facility to replace the current leisure centre on Hove seafront were abandoned by the council.

The leisure centre was not included in the Kingsway to the Sea project plans, an upgrade of the seafront set to begin building work next year.

Some parts of the King Alfred Leisure Centre are now over 80 years old, and the council says that increasing maintenance and running costs mean it is costly and inefficient to operate.

No decision has yet been taken on whether the new facility will be built on the existing site or a new one.

The Argus: Inside the King Alfred

The council has said that any new site would be in the west of the city “to serve the same community that currently uses the King Alfred Leisure Centre”.

Last year, Wish ward councillor Robert Nemeth toured the complex and photographed the building in great details.

He said: “I have wanted to look around the King Alfred properly for years so was delighted to see around it with fellow councillors from the project board.

“While incredibly interesting, it ultimately hit home the poor state of the existing building and the urgent need for action.”

It remains the largest leisure centre in Brighton and Hove.

The project is still a few years away and it is unlikely that work on the new facility will begin before late 2024 or early 2025.

The council has said it is starting to contact the centre's leaseholders, sports clubs and community groups to begin a conversation with them about their views on a new facility.

More news about the project will be shared early next year as the council continues to hear views from residents and partners across Brighton and Hove.