The devastated mother of a trans man found hanged metres away from a hospital says she feels like she is trapped in a “horror story”.

Matty Sheldrick's family say he was let down by the NHS and are now calling for answers about his treatment.

They have raised concerns about his experience at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Matty was reportedly found hanging near the accident and emergency department shortly after being discharged. 

The 29-year-old died several days later – now his mother Shelagh Sheldrick wants a full investigation into the circumstances leading up to his death. 

She said: “Ultimately, he was a human being, and he was a very kind, caring and creative soul who unfortunately had mental health difficulties.

“Everyone who came into contact with Matty became fond of him.

“He touched everyone’s hearts.

“We’re all devastated.

“His dad and I were by his bedside for the last few weeks while he was in ICU.

“We can’t make sense of how this has happened.

“It’s like a horror story.

“There’s a lot of pain involved, a lot of anger, because we know him better than anyone else.

"I’ve been advocating for Matty for the whole of his adult life, we were very close, to try and get him the right support.”

Matty moved to the area with his beloved dog Lola, who was "his life", a year ago to study and live among the trans, non-binary and intersex (TNBI) community.

Before his death, he was in contact with the Clare Project, a charity which supports transgender people in the city.

The Clare Project said Matty required a mental health unit stay in Autumn, but due to a lack of beds he spent three weeks in the hospital’s A and E department.

He experienced several "meltdowns" and the Clare Project said there was a lack of support for his needs.

It is also alleged there were occasions when Matty’s gender was questioned and that he had attempted to take his own life on site.

Matty - who had a “complex history with mental health” and autism - was discharged after three weeks.

The Argus: Matty and his beloved dog LolaMatty and his beloved dog Lola (Image: The Sheldrick family)

They said that over the course of the next two to three weeks following discharge he had engagements with the NHS crisis team, his GP, and the Clare Project.

During this time, Matty stated he was still struggling with thoughts around suicide, they said.

They told how this was followed by two subsequent trips to A&E, with Matty attempting to take his life while in hospital.

However, on the afternoon of November 4, Matty was deemed “within capacity” following a mental health assessment and was told he had to leave A and E the following morning, the Clare Project said.

They said that night Matty hung himself 30 metres away from the hospital, he was resuscitated and spent the next 17 days in ICU where he eventually died.

Matty had a twin sister and older brother. His family is now being supported by the Clare Project.

“We’re still exploring options, it’s quite a difficult process but it has to be done because Matty’s life can’t pass by unnoticed, he didn’t deserve this,” said Ms Sheldrick.

“He just needed some help; he was reaching out for a place of safety.”

A spokesman for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: "We offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Matty Sheldrick and all those affected by their death.

"The circumstances leading up to what happened will be investigated fully with our NHS partners and the findings will be shared with their family when complete.

"As is normal practice, the investigation report will also be shared with the coroner to assist her investigation."