It’s a rare thing for a band’s live sound to match the one they achieve in the studio.

But every so often, a band like Blossoms comes along and there’s virtually no difference between the two.

Friday saw the Stockport lads welcomed to the Dome - the perfect setting for their brand of atmospheric indie tunes.

The only thing letting them down, however, was the lackluster crowd.

They gave the band absolutely nothing back - apart from a few up in the balcony having the time of their lives.

Nevertheless, the band cracked on, now a juggernaut of the British music scene, and rumbled through their catalogue of anthems - The Keeper, Honey Sweet, Charlemagne.

The hits were thick and fast.

And the lighting, too. Unreal. Props to whoever was lighting the show. A triumph.

But after what felt like just a few moments - the night had come to an end.

Blossoms were warmed up for their huge show in London the following night, and no doubt left wondering whether crowds in the capital would be better than those in Sussex.