A shopkeeper is once again pleading to the public to keep a look out for her snowman after festive thieves stole her Christmas decoration… again.

Following an appeal in The Argus last week, Soly Daneshmand was delighted to see the return of her snowman to its rightful home, gluing its head back together, and placing it atop the blue sled outside her shop.

But her joy turned to rage once again as she discovered Frosty the Snowman was taken in the aftermath of the England v Senegal World Cup match. She fears the head of the  was taken and used as a football by rowdy revellers celebrating the England win.

Soly, owner of Ju-Ju vintage clothing shop in Gloucester Road, Brighton, said: “We took the measure of gluing the head on to the actual body, but someone had actually broken off the head, lifting the metal pole which was holding it in place.”
The pole was found on the floor outside her shop on Monday morning.

Soly said: ”Maybe the head was dismantled so they can have a kick-about, now that would be brutal. Whoever’s done that is a nasty piece of work.

The Argus: Soly sobs atop Frosty's ex-wooden sledSoly sobs atop Frosty's ex-wooden sled (Image: NQ Staff)

“You should’ve seen me yesterday. I was like, I know it’s just a giant polystyrene snowman. They’ve basically separated it, maybe a couple of people, and one carried the head.

“On Saturday, when it was back, it was mobbed. Everyone was chatting about it, we had a notice up thanking everyone for the support.

“Admittedly I was going out every half an hour to make sure he was still there.

“And every time I went out there was just a group of people wanting to discuss the story.”

The Argus: She was delighted to bring Frosty homeShe was delighted to bring Frosty home (Image: NQ Staff)

She said when she went to watch the England v Senegal football match at the Sir Charles Napier pub in Hanover, she was serenaded by customers.

“I went out to watch the footy, and the minute I walked in the whole pub erupted into Frosty the Snowman," she said.

“I was like, what? And that’s all because they’ve seen the article and they were like, ecstatic.”

Soly has now had enough of the drama. She said: “I’m exasperated. Like, come on, I’m drained by it all.

“Especially with all the publicity it got and you’re just left saying ‘come on guys’.

“We’ve got it back after all of this, why oh why do you go and do this again?”

Soly is once again issuing an appeal for people to look out for Frosty. She said: “We’ve got two and a half weeks left ‘till Christmas. Please can you do the decent thing?

“Even if you see frosty in bits, I’ll put him back together again.
“Just bring him back one last time please.”