A 12-year-old singer-songwriter described as a “young Adele” has recorded a charity single to help raise money for a homeless charity.

Scarlett Chapman, who goes by the stage name Scarlett Rose, has released the song Home to raise awareness of people living on the streets.

The single, released on Spotify, will raise money for Off the Fence with Scarlett busking across the city to help raise funds.

Scarlett, from Hove, said: “I started busking because I came to Brighton one day and I asked my parents why there were so many homeless people and they didn’t have an answer for me.

“People don’t really know how to help when people are sitting on the floor and that’s really not that nice.

“I think a lot of people realise that there are homeless people but the message to get across is how people can get involved and really help.”

Scarlett is in Year 8 at Our Lady of Sion in Worthing, where she attends after receiving a music scholarship. She first began busking to raise money for homeless charities four years ago when she was eight years old.

Since then, she has raised over £7,000 to help the cause, and this year she hopes to raise £3,000 for homelessness charity Off the Fence by busking on the streets of Brighton.

As part of her busking, she will be singing at a concert for the mayor’s charities in Jubilee Square on Saturday, December 17. Scarlett will also busk at the Brighton Christmas festival on Christmas Eve.

Roy Stannard, head of income generation and communications at Off the Fence, said: “The first time I heard her singing I was blown away, she sounds like a young Adele.

“The message of the song is that no-one should be left out in the cold this winter. We should bring people inside whether that literally inside or into our care.

“This is the first time that anyone of this age has done something like this and we hope people will get behind it.”

Scarlett is also raising money from the song through her JustGiving page, which can be found here. She will also be busking across the city over the Christmas period.