A TV star and farmer has been awarded an MBE by King Charles at a ceremony in Windsor Castle.

Countryfile presenter Baker was awarded an MBE for his work for the charity Children In Need.

Speaking after the ceremony, the 44-year-old said that he and Charles had spoken during the investiture about a herd of Hebridean sheep the presenter bought off the then-Prince of Wales during the filming of Countryfile.

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“I told him, because I was feeding them this morning before I came – obviously with it being so frosty – and they’re still going strong so we had a bit of a natter about it,” he said.

Baker, who grew up on a farm near Lanchester, County Durham, also praised the royal family, adding: “I’ve done a lot with the royal family over the years, I really have.

“I think for Britain, I love the concept of the royal family.”

He also reminisced about how mucking out the Queen’s horse Emma was a real highlight in his TV career.